Crew 288 approved their Bylaws.  Good job to all those that prepared the Bylaws, and thank you for your attention at the last meeting as we discussed each item in detail.  They can be found in the Who We Are Section.

Crew 288 Calendar of Events- Updated

Venture Crew 288

Calendar 2014




Activity Chair


January 26 Go Carts Donovan Ynda Gabe Ynda
February 22-23 Weekend Ski/Board Trip Kevin Backes
March 9 Archery Chris Turner Quentin Leef
April 4-6 Rockclimb with Troop 288, space permitting. Shawn Kehrmeyer Troop 288 ASM
April 12 Soaring Matt Bomar Cheryl Turner
May 17-18 Caving Grey Gasaway George Faeustle
June 6-8 Whitewater rafting with Troop 288, space permitting. Daniel McPherson Troop 288 ASM
June 29 Shooting Matthew Ynda Gabe Ynda
July 19-20 Backpacking Randy Blue
August 17 Zipline Justin Sparks Chrissandra Sparks
September 20-21 Ocean Kayaking Mark Webster Mike Webster
October 3-5 Rockclimb with Troop 288, space permitting. Andrew Pingry Troop 288 Leader
October 26 Flight Simulator Troy Leef Bob Sparks
November 8-9 Rocketry Daniel McPherson Terri Newgard
December ? Snow Mobile/Dog Sled Donovan Ynda Gabe Ynda


Venture Meetings:  Second and Fourth Thursday each month.  7:00 p.m. at the American Legion Hall

Officer’s Meeting:  Fourth Thursday each month.  6:00 p.m. at the American Legion Hall


Officers:  January 1, 2014 through March 30, 2014

President: Chris Turner

Vice-president of Administration: Mark Webster

Vice-President of Program: Matt Bomar

Vice-President of Communications: Sarah Gillespie

Treasurer:  Matthew Ynda

Secretary:  Shawn Kehrmeyer